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About DRIVE Fitness

drive  /drīv/

1.  propel or carry along by force in a specified direction

2.  a desire to attain a goal

I'm Laura, your trainer and owner of DRIVE Fitness.   I have worked as a certified personal trainer for almost 10 years.  My experience includes: boutique personal training studios, group fitness classes, trampoline fitness class, and coaching for OrangeTheory Fitness.  I have competed in Half-Ironman triathlons, as well as Spartan races.  Personal training is my passion because I love helping you focus on your goals, teach you proper form, watch you gain confidence as you get stronger, and instill that fitness is more than just weight loss.  I earned a nutrition certification because, as well as being another passion of mine, it is often the missing component to your fitness, weight loss, or wellness plan. 

What's your DRIVE? 

I will be your cheerleader, give you that tough love when needed, and be the drive to get you to your goal!


National Academy of Sports Medicine- Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist

Precision Nutrition, Pn1- Certified Nutrition Coach



Fitness  Nutrition  Wellness


Online Personal Training

Customized & Convenient

 "I need someone to push me in my workouts."  

"I won't workout unless someone's telling me what to do."

"I'm worried about my form or hurting myself.  I have previous injuries."

"I have all the fitness equipment, but I don't know what to do, I spend my entire workout figuring it out."

"I have no motivation to workout on my own."

Sound like you?

You need a plan and you need accountability.


What are you waiting for? Book a session today!

Nutrition Coaching

Eat Right to Reach Your Goals

My nutrition coaching is focused on your goals and teaching you about healthy eating along the way.  Customized to your food preferences (vegan? AIP? carnivore?), your kitchen prowess (or lack of), and your physique goals.  I work with those who want to lose weight, see results from their workouts, or would have a goal of general wellness and want to learn about holistic nutrition. 

Not seeing results from your workouts?  The problem is your fridge.

Give me 8 weeks and we'll get you there. You’ll see an improvement in your health, weight, energy, skin, and wellness in no time!

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